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Managing Director | Master Tobacconist

Certified Retail Tobacconist

Patrick Potter

Continental Cigar Clubs is a growing North American retail franchise, poised to offer a varying selection of premium and ultra premium cigars, accessories and certified tobacconists are available to recommend cigars and share their passion for the leaf.

Where did we get our knowledge? Patrick Potter is a third generation master tobacconist whose family were partners in The Original Tinder Box International. His grandfather Robert Gabriel partnered with Tinder Box founder Ed Kolpin to develop the business design now refereed to as vertical integration. What made Tinder Box so successful was their ability to control their own supply chain: from farm to factory, to wholesale warehouse to retailer to consumer. They grew their business one franchise at time between 1951 and 1986 when they sold over 800 stores worldwide to Villazon which later became General Cigar Co.

A cigar enthusiast for nearly 30 years, Patrick has devoted himself to the manufacturing of cigars through his own brand Tabac Trading Co. He's spent months upon months in Esteli, Nicaragua learning and cultivating, blending and importing cigars to the United States. He's been successful as a boutique cigar maker, and shares that enthusiasm in this retail franchise. He personally project manages every store opening. From renovation to grand opening, he's extremely hands on.

He's taken his grandfathers franchise conversion plan and rebuilt to be profitable in today's economy, even in the face of pandemics, protesting and other changing political climates Patrick has designed a business model that will even weather a recession.

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