We've made this more than a great opportunity. We're offering a variety of options at vastly different exposure levels and reward levels. We do this because we've developed a level of vertical integration that surpasses our competitors - we control our own supply chain, our brands and on-going support, which translates in to higher earnings for greater profitability.

We've broken our model into three options.

Conversion Franchise: Is when you have an existing store, club or hybrid. You elect to join our franchise. There is no fee to join however there are up-front costs which you'd commit to spending. You agree to dba your entity, and change your signage to ours and implement our policies and controls. You then get our tier pricing on all tobacco and related accessories. Once you're converted you pay us a percentage of gross sales quarterly. Simple math makes for simple accounting. This works similarly to a Club Sponsorship.

• Club Sponsorship: Is when you have a preexisting club at a landmark location. We would sponsor your club as part of a limit franchise agreement. You would benefit from the central buying opportunities and we would list your club as reciprocal to our members. This will drive both awareness to your humidor as well as increase patronage from Continental members.

• Nuts to Bolts-Standalone Franchise Model: This is when you want start your own Continental Cigar Club from scratch. We assist you in setting up your entity and project manage you till you are open. Again, There is no fee to join.  You then get our tier pricing on all tobacco and related accessories, we will assist in setting up your tax account and provide you our market research to select the profitable opening inventory. You're responsible for funding the entire scope. Once you're open you pay us a percentage of gross sales quarterly within 180 days of opening.

• Private Equity Groups: This is when you want to invest in a Continental Cigar Club HUB Equity Group. You don't want to have lift a finger in its operation or anything - you want to basically be a silent partner and let the HUB retail team operate the various clubs within the HUB region. This design allows for greater participation and protected interests.

If you are interested in any of these options please contact us below. Please indicate which option you'd like to puruse.


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