The Continental Cigar Club is a multi-source revenue generator. It's design is to ultimately franchise after forty anchored locations are opened. As franchisees begin to open they are supported by the anchor. This means that Certified Tobacconists of the anchored location will assist in covering shifts, train new tobacconists, curate the humidor and stabilize each franchise' infrastructure. It's a daunting trying to open a franchise that you have limited knowledge about. Let alone when you have a franchisor setting expectations that may be too high. We want a successful business and to achieve this we have to support the franchises.

At present we have dived the country up into regional/state equity groups. Investors are free to participate in all or one. Their prorated share of the regional/state entities will eventually roll into the national, when forty locations are reach and we file of Initial Public Offering or SPAK.

Investment decks are available for the following Regional/State Entities:

• New York Tristate Area (NY-NJ-CT)                          


• California (Southern and Northern)

• Pacific Northwest (Oregon-Washington-Idaho-Montana)

• Southwest/Rockies (New Mexico-Colorado-Utah)

• Mid-Atlantic (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware)

• Great Lakes (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)

• Southern (North and South Carolina-Georgia-Tennessee)

Please contact us below if you are interested in reviewing our deck. Qualified investors are able to contribute a minimum of $100,000.00 proof of identity and non-disclosure agreement required before deck is released.


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