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Is The Sommelier in?

A new concept by-

The Continental Cigar Club Founder and Managing Director Pat Potter.

Fractional Ownership for the first qualified 50.

Please email us for more information.


Down Range at The Continental ™

We are seeking an initial raise of 1 Million to launch this insanely fun project! The Continental Cigar Club has proven it's as a viable business during the most catastrophic global crisis in the last 100 years. Creating its first model at 1716 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles Ca 90025. We say model because unless you open and try to make it work, there is no way to prove that it's possible.


It now shows investors that:

A. Pat Potter is the kind of operator whose experience and expertise made this possible.

B. It show The Continental can maneuver with the regulatory issues brought on during Covid-19.

C. The Continental concept is familiar yet mysterious but appealing to both patrons and members.

Down Range By The Continental™ will offer a state-of-the-art firing range, complimented by staging area, guest seating, 60ft lane depth allowing for qualifications of all kinds. We are estimating six lanes that will support Pistol, Shotgun and .223 Long Gun.


Down Range at The Continental™ is private. No public will be permitted.


The Membership for Down Range can be an exclusive option but those who want the full package will join The Continental Cigar Club and add to their membership a discounted Down Range membership. The location we believe will be the most advantageous, is Downtown Los Angeles. Since Covid-19' first outbreak, the Downtown area has lost a great number of tenants and businesses, long time owners of properties are now selling at below market prices, we are going to take full advantage of that. We will seek a lease option a building. Permits are available and there is no moratorium on the use.

Consulting on this project are:

Eric Harden retired ATF Special Agent in Charge of Los Angeles Field Office.

James Hart II retired Los Angeles Police Dept. SWAT D-Team

Randy Rico retired Los Angeles Police Dept. SIS / SWAT

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