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Under the supervision of Master Tobacconist Patrick Potter The Continental Cigar Clubs will curate one of the most impressive walk-in humidors in your area. Redesigned or newly designed humidors will boast 500 to 1,500 facings of more than 60 premium and ultra premium cigar brands and equally impressive list of accessories will also be available.


The Continental Cigar Club is dedicated to our retail clients. We will train tobacconists to build a rapport with the consumer, so that we can help them find and buy only the cigars they'll enjoy. It's often the reason why we encourage hand selling, our tobacconists enter the humidor with the consumer. We want them to be available to answer any question, offer a comparable or contrasting cigar, provide the consumer with origin and construction quality information.

An exclusive agreement between TABAC Trading Co and The Continental Cigar Club will make available first release cigars, a plethora of new house cigars co-blended by Master Cigar Maker Guillermo Pena.

The Humidor


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